Migrate Custom Recipient

Migrate Custom Recipient

Post by J. Clar » Fri, 13 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Is there a way (or a program) to migrate a custom recipient to a normal
Exchange user??

Thanks in advance!!



1. Migrate custom recipients

our tech team decided to upgrade the NT domain to windows 2k, but to install
to new exchange 2000 organization.

the whole upgrade and new integration work went fine.

we are left with one thing to be done.

there sits on the old Exchange 5.0 SP2 server about 2500 custom recipients
that must be transfered to the new AD/exchange 200 structure.

i know that with the use of ADC i can replicate the custom reciepients as
contacts into the AD.  but as i try to set up the connection agreement i
keep getting the error message that user name or password are incorrect when
it tries to connect to the old exchange 5.0 server.

1.  do i have to upgrade it to exchange 5.5 so that ADC can work or what
needs be done?

2.  i am open to other suggestions on migrating the custom recipients?

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