Public Folders Problem

Public Folders Problem

Post by Mario Pereir » Sat, 05 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I wonder if anyone can help with this particular problem.

I have recently set up a system to allow a set of people to work from
home and be able to communicate and share information with the office.

The system is using E-mail and Public Folders on Exchange 5.0 server and


Standard E-mail is not a problem but the Public Folders are presenting a

problem when it comes to synchronization.

What I wanted to achieve was a means by which data would be (and is)
held on the Exchange server at head office, this data can then be
accessed and modified by head office and the remote users. By using
'off-line folders' the remote users dial into the Exchange server,
synchronize and then a couple of minutes later can be off-line and
working on the documents that were downloaded/updated in their off-line

The problem, as I said, arises with the synchronization. It works for a
while in that the data transmitted by the remote users is updated on the

server and vice versa.

This works for a least a month. The data is accessed on a daily basis,
the files are either Excel or Word documents and the contents are
modified regularly, so it is the same file that is being synchronized
each time.

After about a month, the data on the server which is older, is
transferred to the remote user before their update has come across
thereby negating all the changes they have made, and more recently the
modified files on the users' machine would not under any circumstances
be transferred to the server.

When this starts to happen the only way to rectify the situation is to
delete all the data in the public folders, having made a copy first, and

then re-instate it. This then works for another month.

Is anyone out there using exchange in this manner?
Can anyone shed any light on what might be happening?

Any help and constructive suggestions are immensely appreciated.



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hallo (again),
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