Exch 5.5 - Error 1023 Filling Up Event Log

Exch 5.5 - Error 1023 Filling Up Event Log

Post by Mohamed AlAlaw » Thu, 24 Oct 2002 18:21:52

I have Exchange 5.5 SP4 running on NT 4. I am running Mail Box Manager and
we have 2 Exchange Sites. The event log is filling up with error 1023 as

Event Type: Audit Failure
Event Source: MSExchangeIS Private
Event Category: Logons
Event ID: 1023

The service account used is has permissions admin. It is trying to access a
mailbox on the same server and not on any other servers. That is what
Microsoft is telling on Technet.

I still get this error even when I stopped the mailbox manager service.

Could anybody help?



1. Event ID 1023 - filling up application log

I have 3 Exchange 5.5 servers in my site. On 2 of them, the application
logs are full of entries for event ID 1023. The descriptions look like

CORPORATE\<admin account> was validated as
/o=<site>/ou=<organization>/cn=Recipients/CN=NAIGFNETSEESAR3 but was
unable to log on to
/O=<site>/OU=<organization>/CN=RECIPIENTS/CN=<deleted mailbox>.

I've looked thru every document and posting regarding this event ID that
I can find, and the closest relevant thing I've found is Q259578 in the
Microsoft Knowledgebase. However, when I started following the
instructions in that article for useing MDBVU32.EXE to clear references
to the deleted mailbox, I'm not finding any references to the deleted


Rachel A. Milbrand
PC/Internet/Email Support Specialist

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