How to Delegate Mailbox Access to all users in an OU in Active Directory

How to Delegate Mailbox Access to all users in an OU in Active Directory

Post by Dan B » Sat, 08 Nov 2003 23:18:41

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article #262399 (see below) goes over how to
delegate mailbox access of a single mailbox to a user or group.  How can you
delegate mailbox access to all the users mailboxes in a OU and child objects
to a single user or group?

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Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 262399

How to Delegate Mailbox Access in Active Directory

In Microsoft Exchange, by default, only the mailbox owner has permission to
access his or her mailbox. As an administrator and for troubleshooting
purposes, there are times when you need to access a user's mailbox. However,
when you log on to the mailbox, you receive the following error message:

Unable to open your default email folder. You do not have permission to log
To make yourself a delegate of a user's mailbox, open the Active Directory
Users and Computers snap-in, and then follow these steps:
Right-click the organization domain name, point to View, and then click
Advanced Features.
Click the Users container (or the organizational unit where the user is
Right-click the user account, and then select Properties.
Click the Exchange Advanced tab.
Click the Mailbox Rights button.
In the Permission window, click the Add button to add yourself to the list
of those whose are allowed to access this mailbox.
In the next Permission window, click to select the Allow check box under
Full Mailbox Access, and then click Apply to implement the changes.


1. How to know which user is delegate of OU.

Hi there,

What should it carry out for solving my question "who is a delegate of an
After it applied an OU to a user as a delegate using 'Delegate Control', it
seems the status of the OU is not seen through 'Active Directory Users and
Computers snap-in'.

Incidentally, operation enviroment is Windows 2000 Server and Exchange 2000
Enterprise Server.

If anyone has good solutions, please let me know.
Thanks in advance,


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