New Installation

New Installation

Post by Stev » Fri, 23 May 2003 22:45:50

I've been asked to install an Exchange 5.5 Server for a small company that's
running Small Business Server 4.5.  Currently their e-mail and web services
are hosted by their ISP.  They will have a dedicated server for Exchange
running NT 4.0 SP6a.

Aside from configuring the firewall/NAT device to route SMTP requests to and
from the internet (as well as any other protocol they need such as OWS), is
there any internal routing that needs to be set up ie DNS or WINS to make
Exchange interact with the clients?

Thanks in advance!



1. New installation , new domain

What I'm going to do now is actually ridiculous.

I'm going to install W2K Advanced Server
I'm going to make it a DC , in a new forest
Then I'm going to install Exchange on it in a new organisation.
Then I'm going to let both domains trust one-another.
All this , just to install Exchange to get the IM feature to work , all
because of some event log entry of the fact that it cannot resolve a service
principal name in AD because I got 2 nic's in the original box , one with a
private ip , one with a internet ip , jussis.

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