Exchange 5.5 data transfer to another box for a rebuild of Org Box

Exchange 5.5 data transfer to another box for a rebuild of Org Box

Post by Martin Blackston » Mon, 19 Aug 2002 02:55:46

If you want to do it that way, see the FAQ in my sig. Ed Crowley Server Move

Martin Blackstone
Exchange FAQ:

Quote:> All,
> I need to get data from my 5.5 NT4.0 box off so I may
> reformat it and recreate from scratch. My thought was to
> bring up another 5.5 box in the same site...copy
> mailboxes to the new home Pub.edb...then kill org
> 5.5 box. Rebuild the Org box then do the same to bring
> info back onto the newely rebuilt box...ANY OTHER



1. Merge exchange 5.5 mail box to exchange 2003 mail box

Hi all,

What would happen when I use the exmerge utlity to export
the mail boxes from Exchange 5.5 server to exchange 2003?
But the exchange 2003 only setup most of the mailboxes
export from exchange 5.5. In other word, I do not want
export all the mail boxes from the old server to the new
server. Does the mail boxes did not get setup on the new
server be skiped when I run exmerge to import the new box?



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