sending emails to old address with the w32.sobig worm

sending emails to old address with the w32.sobig worm

Post by Jim » Sat, 06 Sep 2003 02:32:01

I had to do a full recovery of one of my servers - after
getting the server up and running I added my exchange
server 5.5 to the system after getting that up and
running - I named new server same as old one then dcpromo
the old system renamed it changed the ip and then add the
new server back on the network.  All is running fine
except some real old and "deleted" email address are
being sent the w32.sobig worm(from the original sender).  
running virus software does not find anything. I have
also run the worm fix and found nothing.  Where could the
server find these addresses, and is this the behavior of
the w32.sobig?

1. w32.sobig virus

I continually get Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition Reporting this Virus in
my Exchange Server... and its not able to clean or quarentine it, but when i
go into the folder the file has already been moved or deleted...


Has anyone experienced this problem, and if so is there a solution?

Thank you

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