Cannot change NT password from Exchange client

Cannot change NT password from Exchange client

Post by Innerkofler Ralf rin0 » Tue, 23 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Hi Jerry

try to set the following registry keys (on the exchange server):

Ralf Innerkofler

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> Conversation:      Cannot change NT password from Exchange client
> Subject:   Cannot change NT password from Exchange client

> When attempting to change the NT domain password from an Exchange
> client (either Exchange Client 5.0 or Outlook 97), users receive the
> following error message:

> "The NT domain password could not be changed.
> A required action was not successful due to
> an unspecified error."

> I realize users would normally be able to change their passwords using
> the Windows 95 Passwords control panel, but this is not possible due
> to
> the specifics of our configuration.  We use the following setup:

> Novell NetWare 32-bit client -- We find we have to use this as the
> primary
> logon or the NetWare login dialog will pop up repeatedly whenever an
> Exchange client is running.

> The Microsoft Exchange service in the user profile is configured to
> *not*
> use
> network security for logon.  This setting is required if Microsoft
> Networking
> is not the primary logon.  Users are required to enter a password each
> time
> an Exchange client is launched.

> We are running Exchange Server 5.0 (SP 1) on NT 4.0 (SP 3).

> Any ideas how we can get a password changed?  Our current workaround
> is for users to walk over to a Mac and change the NT password through
> the
> Chooser.  Ironic, to say the least.

> Jerry


1. Cannot change NT password from Exchange client

See below:
Andrew R. Williams
US Postal Service

How are you changing the password?  We use the Outlook client, and the NT
password can be changed from within the client at:  [Tools] [Options]
[Manage Forms] [Password...].

Not true.  We have as our primary client "Client for NetWare Networks".  We
also have "Client for Microsoft Networks" installed (we don't even have
them logging onto the NT Domain).  We have "Use network security during
logon" checked and it works like a charm.  Maybe it has something to do
with Novell Client 32.

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