Help with Offline Address Books and Address Book Views please

Help with Offline Address Books and Address Book Views please

Post by Shaun Copela » Wed, 27 Jun 2001 01:51:56

I have a problem which is really beginning to annoy me...

I manage a small server (NT4 sp6a, Exchange Server 5.5 sp4) with only
aprox. 100 users on it. I have set up a couple of recipient containers
but after much reading of this group and following peoples advice, I
now use Address Book Views.

Whilst working online (ie via the LAN) I can see the correct
recipeints in the correct views - (set on 'By Company') so I assume I
have setup the search right ok - indeed - if I log in as an
Administrator, I can even see the 'Recipients' container as well as
the ABV...

now my problem...

if working offline, when I try and download the OAB i get an error
message saying "An error ocurred while opening the Microsoft Exchange
Offline address
book files on Exchange Server.  See your administrator" - I setup to
OAB by first removing the GAL then adding the ABVs I require and
finally pressing the 'Generate All' button - E/S then promptly tells
me it has generated the OAB's - until - as above - I try to download
them! - however, if I add back in the GAL to the OAB in DS-Site
Config, my offline clients can download an OAB - but of course they
get everything - does any one know where I may be goping wrong or can
give me some pointers

I have tried searching MS and Deja - but can't seem to find anything

Thanks in advance to all..


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We have set up several servers with Address Book views in our organisation
and also genrate an offline address book.

The OAB genrates trouble free but when the clients try to download it, it is
not visible in the list.
We have tried this on a different server without Address Book Views and the
clients have no problem in finding the OAB.

Just wondered if anyone has fought with this problem before.

Much obliged

s i m o n   w a l s h

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