Excluding certain addresses on incoming POP3

Excluding certain addresses on incoming POP3

Post by Samantha Wood » Tue, 11 Nov 2003 21:08:29


I have a problem configuring our Exchange 2000 system to ignore certain
addresses in incoming mail that relate to staff who are home-based.  This is
only necessary in mail that's received and contains *both* a head-office
person's address *and* a remote person's address in the same mail.

The reason for this is that as well as collecting our head-office mail by a
global POP3 catch-all account, we also have some home-based staff who have
independent POP3 accounts with exactly the same domain name as our
head-office account.  Those staff collect their mail by dialing out to the
Internet and collecting their mail independently.

for keeping a list of independent POP3 accounts, such as jane.b.  If the
incoming mail to the domain doesn't find a POP3 account on the ISP's server,
it simply directs it to the 'global' POP3 account.

The problem that's happening is that if someone sends a mail to someone at
head-office and also to jane.b, the mail successfully goes off to jane.b's
POP3 account held at the ISP, yet when the same mail is also received by the

recipient list.  Exchange then tries to find this person jane.b, and of
course he/she doesn't exist at head-office.

The sender of the mail then receives a non-delivery-report mail back again,
saying that jane.b doesn't exist, which is misleading, because she's already
got her mail via the ISP.

We cannot create a dummy mailbox called jane.b at head-office because that
will prevent anyone at head-office from sending mail to her, because
Exchange won't attempt to direct the mail to the Internet.

Is there a way of asking Exchange to filter out the necessary e-mail
addresses from the mail?

Thanks for any solutions you may have.