Exch2000 not routing email to clients

Exch2000 not routing email to clients

Post by nelso » Sat, 08 Sep 2001 03:31:51

2 weeks ago i deployed Exchange2000 with  Win2000 Advance Server.
Clients are using Outlook2000.  All are able to send and recieve email,
accept from an Organization that has Exchange 5.5.   We are able to send
them email, but are not receiving email from this organization.  Any
suggestions as to why this is happening???

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We've got an Exchange 2K server (SP1) running on a Win2K Server (SP2).  One
(and so far only one) user is having problems with mail in his inbox
We've set up monitoring, and we can see the passage of the email to his
inbox but once it's there there is no more information provided on it's
location.  Emails can disappear after a few minutes or even days.

We've found a few articles in the MS KB and checked settings on the client.
Everything looks OK.

We deleted and recreated his account and mailbox.  After that he was good
for about a month before the symptoms came back.

Today we've disabled POP on all accounts and changed this user's password.

Is anyone out there having similar problems, or have any recommendations.

Thanks in advance for any advice,


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