LDAP problem

LDAP problem

Post by Mike Gowe » Thu, 04 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I would REALLY love to use Outlook 2000 instead of Outlook Express but at
this point in time we are in a transition (going from Oracle InterOffice to
Exchange 5.5) and I have experienced problems using Outlook's version of
LDAP.  Outlook Express' version of "Find" works great - it returns the
Oracle InterOffice addresses - however, it seems that Outlook's "Find"
function does not work.  I've set up Express and Outlook on the same
workstation with the same settings and only Express will return information.

Is there any way of changing the address book used by Outlook to the one
used by Outlook Express?


Is there a problem with Outlook's version of LDAP so that it only works with
Exchange Services????


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I am using Messageware(3.0) from Nexor (GB). I have tried the following
articles from Technet:
 How to authenticate for LDAP Acess (Q182507)
How to setup Container Level Search Control(Q182902)
Access Directory Through LDAP When Search Control is Set(Q192306)

And I only have choice to let the users to access the whole Global Address
List or nothing.
There is no way I can give access to only one Address Book views that I've

I tried also with the Microsoft LDAP client for Outlook 98, same problem.

Exchange 5.5 SP2
Outlook 98
Workstation NT 4.0 SP3 +Hotfix Y2K

DOes any one had tried it before me!

Many Thanks!

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