SMTP time out.

SMTP time out.

Post by Justi » Sat, 08 Sep 2001 04:26:08

All of a suddent my outgoing mail server stopped working. I tried to restart
the service to see if that was it, but that didnt help at all. Im not sure
if its the line im on cuz i recently went back to college, but its just to
send mail, it cant be that slow! Also i did telnet into port 25 with no
problems, it was a little slow.. but it seemed more then fast enough to
handle that.
Where should i be looking to figure out whats going on?

Mail return error:

Task 'FHS - Sending' reported error (0x8004210B) : 'The operation timed out
waiting for a response from the sending (SMTP) server. If you continue to
receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service
provider (ISP).'


1. E2K SMTP Time outs like Exchange 5.5?

        Under the Exchange 5.5 IMC/IMS there are various SMTP
        timeout parameters available in the registry under
        such us SMTPWaitForDataBlock, SMTPWaitForDataTermination,
        et al. These controlled how long the IMC would wait at
        various stages of the SMTP dialog. Does anyone know if
        there is anything similar under E2K?
Harold March
Systems Technology Architect
Information Technology
CMC Electronics Inc.

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