Is Exchnage 2000 better for tracking and handling spam?

Is Exchnage 2000 better for tracking and handling spam?

Post by Tony Whit » Sat, 23 Feb 2002 03:20:15

It seems to me that Exchange 5.5 sucks when it comes to dealing with spam.
So far I have not figured a way to import RBL lists or known spam domains
into Exchange.  Sure, I can put them in manually - but that sucks!

Also, I have to open my Exchange server for relaying from some internal
networks; I do block other networks from using my server as a relay.  But
what happens is I get NDR's (non delivery reports) for all kinds of *s
trying to use me as a relay. That's OK - it *should* give me a chance to
then examine the NDR's and then include them in my filters, right?

No! Looking at several NDR's, I find that only a very small minority
actually include the full email - headers and all - that tried to relay
through my server.  Where are the damn headers?  Why does Exchange strip
these headers???  Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!




1. How best handle Spam Email, Filter Tools, Junk Email, Lawsuits, Probability, etc.., pcumming Exchange Outlook

How best handle Spam Email, Filter Tools, Junk Email, Lawsuits,
Probability, etc.., pcumming Exchange Outlook

I have been tasked with creating an IS project to address and reduce

As a result, these questions have come up and I wonder if anyone has
any input or references to answers to these. I certainly appreciate
your comments:

Our environment is Outlook 2002/XP with Exchange 5.5 servers ( a few).
About 4,000 mailboxes.

1. I was told by a research group that the low end tools with word
filters usually only catch about 20% of junk email, UCE, pornography,
adverts, etc..
Comments and recommendations on tools.

2. Was told the high end tools, particularly those where you change
your MX record so that your email first hits an outside service to
filter the email are about 80% effective.

Any recommendation on server side tools (pros/cons)?

Any recommendation on outside services and pros/cons?

3. Was asked by our CIO how much junk email we get. Hard to answer
without running a program to catch some. We did create a mailbox for
people to fwd their junk mail to but we are not getting as many
entries as we thought. Also people may be reluctant.
Are there any industry averages?

4. Also was asked what laws/bills may be in place or in Congress
(sitting there) to help combat SPAM? Of course some of this varies by
state and secondly I am sure Freedom of Speech gets in there and
causes a stir.

5. Also was asked to ballpark or try to find out the potential
(percent) probability that an employee out of our population might try
to bring suit against us?

How many reach lawsuit, typical $ of lawsuit.  We need probability (%)
and impact ($)

6. Some measures such as best practice companies block x% of SPAM.

7. What might be the productivity loss - estimate annual loss in hrs
and $ by employees as a result of SPAM.

A tall order but that is what I am tasked to deal with.
Thanks for any feedback. Results, reference sites, real stats, actual
cases/studies, your own experience, etc..

Thank you

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