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hello i recently got vs 6.0 and wanted to do some VC++ for fun. does anyone
know some good online beginner tutorials.. i havent found too many good

* how about some opengl tutorials?



Post by Fais » Sat, 11 Dec 1999 04:00:00

If u have access to MSDN(Microsoft Developer Network), there is a Scribble
Tutorial to get familiar with MFC.
About OpenGL, you can get some help at It is
concerned with the MESA library, and tk windows function set, but you can
read it and write programs in VC++. Again, WindowsNT comes with the openGL
dlls and help on the OpenGL window fns for WinNT/98 can be obtained from

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Post by AnhMy Tra » Sat, 11 Dec 1999 04:00:00

If you do not have an instructor, you'd better to buy Teach yourself VC++
5 in 21 days (Teach Yourself) by Nathan Gurewich by SAM publishing, ISBN:
0672310147 at $30. This book helps you to design and code the GUI (Graphic
User Interface).

I have learnt C and C++, but without this book, it is impossible to write
a simple VC++ such as Adding 2 integers and display the Sum.

The book does not have room for C or C++ programming skills.

If you want to study C++, you may try the C++ Primer or C++ By Example.

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Yes, when compiled with g++ 2.7.2 (on Linux) it seg-faults.

As you can already guess from the parts of the code that I
included, problem is in definition of operator=. According
to its declaration, it should return something (a String),
but there's no return statement in it.

You can either declare it as

  void String::operator= (const String & rvalue)

or you can add `return *this':

  String String::operator= (const String & rvalue) {
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