Roll Overs in c++

Roll Overs in c++

Post by Peng » Sat, 04 Dec 1999 04:00:00


It`s the first time i`ve asked any questions on here so please go easy one
me.  ;)
The question is, how to do rollovers. I`m using Dev Studio 5 and MFC.
I have a dialog box with a few buttons and an edit box at the bottom
which has the variable m_descrip attached to it.
Now, what i`m trying to do is update the edit box with the relevent text
the mouse pointer rolls over one of the buttons.
E.G  A button has the text COMPANY on it,  so when you roll over the button
the edit box displays the text "This displays the company profile" or summat
like that.
Did i make any sense..?
Sorry I`ve not had much sleep lately..  ;o]




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Hello all. I'm stumped - hopefully someone out there knows
the answer to this. I am creating an XLL in Visual C++ to
be loaded in Excel. Below is my function. The confusion is
that if I replace the "double result..." line with
the "double result = 2" (commented out below it), the
resulting XLL is accepted by Excel no problem. However,
with the code as it is below, the XLL is rejected, i.e.
Excel says this is not a valid add-in. The only thing I
can think of is that mytype is created in another library
which is linked into the XLL, and maybe Excel 2000 and
2002 don't like that???

extern "C" __declspec(dllexport) double
function(const char *a, const mytype2 *ptype2)
        mytype **pptype = mymap.get(a);
        if (0 == pptype)
                return 0;

        double result = (*pptype)->typefunc(ptype2);
//      double result = 2;

        return result;

Anyone who can help will be much appreciated.

-- V

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