Same program, different machine, different results?

Same program, different machine, different results?

Post by Ron Rubl » Sun, 20 Feb 2000 04:00:00

>Chances are the "problem machine" has no numeric coprocessor, the compiler
>is switching to an emulator, and the differing results arise from that. If
>this is true, using the same executable will not make the problem go away.

Also, this note from MSDN documentation may
be relevant:

"The Microsoft run-time library sets the default internal
precision of the math coprocessor (or emulator) to 64 bits.
This default applies only to the internal precision at which
all intermediate calculations are performed; it does not
apply to the size of arguments, return values, or variables.
You can override this default and set the chip (or emulator)
back to 80-bit precision by linking your program with

The two cases may be working with different internal


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