Absolute beginners C++ book

Absolute beginners C++ book

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    I constantly see posts asking for Absolute Beginners programming books.
Pragsoft has a free book available that I feel does the job very well (and
actually stays in standards).
    I am not affiliated with the company, just thought this could be useful
to someone in the Newsgroup. I would also like to hear other peoples
comments on the book for I have obtained permission to convert it to HTML
and upload it to my site. (Not mentioning URL for I hate adverti*ts).

http://www.veryComputer.com/ in the products area.
C++ Programming is a FREE 300-page introductory text to programming in C++.
It is provided as a zip file (of less than 400k) which includes the chapters
(in Word 6 format) and the sample programs (in DOS text format).

Hope this helps out a few people,

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1. Good absolute beginner C++ book

I'm an experienced C++ developer and I was asked about a good C++ book for
somebody that has no programming knowledge. I didn't know what book to
recommend. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Eduardo Velasquez
Bohemia, NY
email: evelasquez<at>arvee<dot>com

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represent or imply anything about the opinions or policies of my

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