Free MFC Source Code Form++ Library(Visual C++,MFC)

Free MFC Source Code Form++ Library(Visual C++,MFC)

Post by steven zha » Sat, 18 Aug 2001 16:27:07

Form++ Library provides Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC)/Visual C++
developers with a complete library of MFC extension classes which
implement a drag and drop (e.g. VC,VB Form Editor) graphical
interface. These classes fill many of the holes existing in the
Windows Graphics Device Interface (GDI) and allow developers to
incorporate custom graphical objects and enhanced drawing capabilities
into their applications.

Form++ provides a Form Editor that can be placed in any window of an
MFC application. Graphical components, such as button, editbox,
listbox, tab, combobox, image, and static etc, can be dropped onto the
form and manipulated by the user. Over 20 types of common graphical
components is included with the library so that developers can create
customized graphical components. Form++ provides the functionality
needed to interact with graphical componentson the Form.  Features
such as drag-and-drop, scaling, spacing, snap-to-grid, and undo/redo
are provided. The flexible, object-oriented architecture makes it easy
for developers to change and extend the functionality of Form++.
. It supports:

Written and 100% compatible with MFC. Ships with full source code.

Single page,or multi page application.

Drag-drop components.

User define properties.

Moving component.

Sizing component.

Align,Spacing,and Odering component.

Horz ruler,Vert ruler.

Grid,Snap to grid.

Print or export to image.

Sizing back component.

Unlimited undo redo.

With ClassWizard,you can easy create a form based application without
write a single line code.

Form++ includes full source code and no run-time licensing fees.
for more information about form ++,please visit


Free MFC Source Code Form++ Library(Visual C++,MFC)

Post by Jakob Bielin » Sat, 18 Aug 2001 16:28:54

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Free MFC Source Code Form++ Library(Visual C++,MFC)

Post by Attila Fehe » Sat, 18 Aug 2001 16:30:05


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