order of evaluation

order of evaluation

Post by ka.. » Thu, 31 Jul 2003 07:18:48

> > I'm not certain the above line of reasoning is correct, but I think
> > I'll count on it until I see a sound objection.
> How many more millions of times are we going to have to have this same
> stupid thread? Why don't we just define the evaluation order (just
> like Java) so that we can finally tell people that their code is legal
> and exactly what it does? Does C++ really need the grief, aggravation,
> and bugs that undefined order causes?

Yes.  The rule has several important advantages:

  - It generates considerable traffic in the newsgroups.  I mean, what
    would we discuss here if we didn't have such issues?  And of course,
    the more traffic in the newsgroups, the more the language seems

  - It always us experts to show off, by showing that we understand such
    subtlies.  Also, subtle difficulties in the language, which cause
    problems for the beginner, make the language seem harder than it
    really is, which in turn means that consultants in the language can
    ask for (and get) higher rates.

Those are about the only real reasons I can think of, but you'll have to
admit that the last one is absolutely conclusive.


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