Job Ticket Template/Application

Job Ticket Template/Application

Post by Aaron Ackerma » Sun, 20 May 2001 02:28:06

I have a client that is using Exchange 5.5 and Outlook 2000. He is using
those Exchange templates to create a Job Ticket/Help Desk application and
needs the ability to query these jobs (as in an ADO query) to retrieve
certain information. First, while this is possible (querying the native
datastore) with Exchange 2000 I do not think this is possible with 5.5,

Also, does any one know how you load these templates up?


1. Help!!!!! application template

I am trying to setup contact application templates, after
installation when i try to start run
contacts_listviewmenu.asp file i get the following error.
can anybody tell me why?

Error Type:
WSS.Form.1 (0x80040201)
Build failed, hr=0x80070057.
/public/Templates/contacts/resources/Boilerplate.vbs, line


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