X400 addresses on incoming mail converted to "bogos"smtp addresses

X400 addresses on incoming mail converted to "bogos"smtp addresses

Post by Atle » Wed, 11 Apr 2001 20:56:46

After we changed to nativemode the senders address on incoming mail is changed to
som bogos SMTP address ->

This implies that it is imposible to use reply. We can send X400 mail.
It seem's that this convertion is being done on the transfer from bridgehead
server to mailbox store server.
Any idea's
Rgds Atle

1. How automatically convert a typed SMTP address at a client into X400 address

Our current situation

When an user wants  to mail to an Internet address (SMTP) he has to add an
X400 adress with the right X400 organisation, ADMD, PRMD, country etc and

This is because our international offices all over the world send their
E-mail over an X400 backbone via 1 SMTP gateway at the headoffice.

Now we are searching for a way to do this automatically for the user, so he
can type in the Internetadress directly into the "To" box without going
through the complex process of adding an X400 address. We prefer to do this
at the Exchange server level (but other solutions are welcome too).

We work with Exchange 4 and will migrate to 5.5 within this year. Client is
Exchange 4 and that will remain that way the coming period.

Any suggestions?

Roderick Reijnaert
Utrecht, The Netherlands

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