exchange 5.5 spam filtering

exchange 5.5 spam filtering

Post by stephe » Fri, 11 Jul 2003 04:00:40

Can anybody suggest a filtering program to be used with
exchange 5.5?

1. Spam/Content Filtering Exchange 5.5

Can anyone suggest a product which will allow Spam blocking and content
filtering of inbound Internet mail to an Exchange 5.5 Server. I know we can
block e-mail from domains and individual users, but I'd like something with
a little more flexibility and the ability to scan for content within message
bodies and subjects.

I have reviewed the offering from Trend Micro (ScanMail for Exchange) and it
sounds good, but I already have (and like) NAV for Exchange and don't need
the virus scanning features.

Has anyone used ScanMail for Exchange, or does anyone have a suggestion for
another product?

Thanks in advance

Tom Lucente
Senior Network Engineer
Allegro Consultants, LTD.

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