CDO/ASP list of unread mail items in subfolders

CDO/ASP list of unread mail items in subfolders

Post by time stam » Sat, 15 Dec 2001 08:27:45

I'm looking to build web app that asks the user to select her/his exchange
server and alias.  It checks NT credentials then displays one page listed
all of the mail folders in their mailbox.  In the column next to the
folder's name it lists the number of
unread items.  Any suggestions or sample code?
The environment is Exchange 5.5 and IIS 5




1. Unread items in subfolders in OWA 2000

Using a normal outlook client we have rules wizards setup so a message from

of inbox for example

In outlook 2000 the folder will be displayed in bold and have the number of
messages in it next to it for example

mrx (5)

In outlook web access 2000 the subfolder does not show up as highlighted or
with unread next to it
so it can cause a problem for heavy mail users having to go through all
their subfolders

Have ms released a patch for it, or a third party

If not is there any possible work around

Thanks in advance

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