Public Folders (move a message to a subfolder)

Public Folders (move a message to a subfolder)

Post by Ray » Sat, 21 Dec 2002 12:14:14

Is it possible to automatically move a message that comes
into a public folder to a subfolder based on subject
matter ?




1. CDO: Agent can't move message to subfolder

In my eventscript on a public (OnMessageCreated ) I cant move nor copy a
message to a subfolder.
I message is not moved or copied to subfolder but in the superordinately
Folder. (In case of the move I know it because the event MessageCreated is
No error messages appear.
But if I create a new message with the add method from the messages
everything works well.

Here is a small piece from my code:

Set subFolder=oFolder.folders.GetFirst()

set newmail = subFolder.Messages.add("This message realy is in Subfolder")

Does not work
set newmail=oEmpfangeneMail.Moveto(subFolder.FolderID)

Copy is not in the subfolder but in the superordinately
set newmail=oEmpfangeneMail.Copyto(subFolder.FolderID)

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