SaveTo and SaveToFile failed (error 2147467262) - exchange server 2000

SaveTo and SaveToFile failed (error 2147467262) - exchange server 2000

Post by anil » Tue, 15 Apr 2003 21:34:32

Hi All

I am trying to save a mapi message in the onarrival event using
IDataSource, using 2 methods
1.  hr=iDsrc->SaveToObject(pStm1,_bstr_t("_Stream"))
2. hr=pDsrc->SaveTo(url + bstr_t(buf) + bstr_t(".eml"),
variant_t((IDispatch*)pConn,true), adModeReadWrite, adCreateNonCollection,
(RecordOpenOptionsEnum) NULL,bstr_t(),bstr_t());

In both the condition return value is 2147467262 (no such interface

What could be the reason??

Thanks and Regards


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The component "Microsoft exchnage domain preparation"
cannot be assinged the action "domainprep" because

- Setup is unable to access the Windows 2000 Active
- Failed to contact the Schema Master server for this
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