Exchange 5.5 SP4 web access went crazy after NAV exchange

Exchange 5.5 SP4 web access went crazy after NAV exchange

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We have a member NT 4.0 server running Exchange
5.5 SP4.  We installed Norton Antivirus for
Exchange server on the server.  Afterwards, the
passwords with the exchange account did not match
the NT account.  I change the NT account.  Then I
changed the password in the services.

After this, IIS 4.0 would not start.  It
gave "not enough storage to run" error.  I
deleted IIS 4.0, restored IIS 4.0  Now IIS is
working.  However, the Outlook Web Interface is
not.  I run the install program, first I try the
Service pack 4 install--does not work.  Then I
try the original CD.  Does not work.  During
the "installing Outlook web access" phase, it
terminates with an unknown error.... type 076a-

Any ideas?


P.S., if I need to completely reinstall, can save
all the messages?  what are the files needed to
be retained that contain the individual e-mail
messages?  Of course, I would prefer not having
to go this route.


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Thank you in advance,

Glen Kunter

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