Public Folder Problem

Public Folder Problem

Post by tcac » Tue, 03 Aug 1999 04:00:00

On 6/2/99, I had an user create a public folder, that holds contacts, in
OL98.  The user has entered over 200 contacts in this folder. Except for the
owner, all other users have "read-only" access.

Problem: Within 3 - 4 days, all the contacts have been deleted from the
folder.  This occurs during the night: I check (and backup!) the contacts
before leaving.  When I return the next morning, some contacts show, "As
Read" and some show, "Unread".  Within 3-4 days (cannot find a pattern on
the timing) of restoring the contacts, the contacts start to disappear in
chunks of 30 or so.

The only service that is running during the night, on Exchange Server, is

These are things that I have tried (since the beginning of June), but they
didn't solve the problem:
1. Gave the Administrator rights to the folder.
2. Set the age limit to 30 days (just to see if I could turn off the 3-4 day
scenario but it didn't).
3. Deleted the original folder in OL98 and created a new one.
4. Open each contact and marked "As Read".

Side note: I also have a public task folder created in OL98 by a different
user.  These tasks disappear as well.

Any ideas?

Cindy Witzigman


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hallo (again),
still have a problem with some of ours public folders contents.

we're using public folder store as a shared file storage. clients
uses them trough Outlook client or as mapped web folders trough
"My network places".
after changing ACL on some public folders (Client premissions/Admin
premissions) for some important folders and files we can't see date attrib.
for them it's impossible to see "Received" attrib. for example.
what can I do to somehow get back my dates?


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