ARCserve 2000 Exchange 2000 Agent installation error 1314

ARCserve 2000 Exchange 2000 Agent installation error 1314

Post by Sam Letch » Sat, 25 May 2002 00:49:49

I recently installed the ARCserve 2000 Exchange agent on a Exchange
2000 server, following the instructions provided by CA.  This resulted
in an error (1314) during installation/configuration.  A search of
these groups showed that others have had this problem, but I did not
find a solution that worked for me.

So, after a bit of work, here is what ended up working in my case:

After you have followed the instructions in CA's manual, go to your
Exchange 2000 server.  Go to the Control Panel, Administrative Tools,
Local Security Policy.  In the tree on the left, expand Local
Policies, and select User Rights Assignment.  In the list on the right
are three items to be concerned with:  Act as part of the operating
system, Log on as a service, and Log on locally.  Double click on one
of them.  Click Add.  The Look In list at the top will default to the
local server, change it to the domain in which you created your
ARCserve service account.  Select your service account from the list
and click Add, then OK.  Your service account should now be in the
list for that user right.  Click OK.  Repeat these steps for the
remaining two user rights.

Log off and log in as the service account.  (I'm not sure if this is
necessary, but I did it so I'll include it.)  Re-run the
installation/configuration of the Exchange 2000 agent.  It should now
succeed.  If so, feel free to log out and log in as whoever you want,
or not at all.  From your backup server, you will be able to view and
select individual Exchange 2000 mailboxes and folders at the brick
level.  Use your service account when it asks for security.  Try a
test backup and restore.  Have a beer.

Good luck.  I hope this saves someone having to pay CA for having
shitty manuals.


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When I'm configuring the exchange 2000 agent for Exchange
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Failed to add SYSTEM privilege to the specified account
Error Code=%d
Error Code=1314

My build number is 394 and I've applied the Exchange
Agent patch.

Can someone help me with this?
thx alot

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