Moving from 5.5 to 2K, how do I get resources to auto-accept again?

Moving from 5.5 to 2K, how do I get resources to auto-accept again?

Post by Kevi » Fri, 08 Feb 2002 21:28:43

HOW do I get resources (conference rooms, etc.) to auto-
accept scheduling requests in Exchange 2000?

We have a mixed E5.5 and E2K environment. The scripts for
auto-accepting are on the 5.5 servers and working fine. We
are planning on decommissioning the 5.5 server and I need
to know how to make these resources continue to auto-
accept requests once they are moved to Exchange 2000 and
when we are in a full E2K environment.

Thanks in advance!


1. Getting a Resource to Accept

When someone does a meeting request with a resource (I.e. Room 2)  the
system works find they get back a confirmation (or denial). When  a
secretary sets a meeting resource request for their boss they do not get
a confirmation. Why does this happen? How can this be corrected?

We are using Outlook 98/2000 running with exchange 5.6 sp3.

I have not found anything in Technet worthwhile but am open to

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