Exchange 5.5 - VBA - Public Folder

Exchange 5.5 - VBA - Public Folder

Post by Patrick Y » Thu, 19 Dec 2002 23:02:10


I have put a Word 2000 form in a public folder with ReadOnly permission.
After I fill the form, I click the button Send of the form which use the
method ActiveDocument.Sendmail
Then, I close the document with the method Close
SaveChanges:=wdDoNotSaveChanges, but Word prompt to save the active

Do someone know how to deal with the Temporary Internet Files and the
subdirectody Olkxxxx , Word 2000 and the Public Folder ?

Thanks, and sorry for my bad english


1. Using post VBA control with exel doc and public folders

I'm trying to write a VBA macro within Excel 97 that will post an Excel
workbook to a specific Exchange 5.0 public folder on a button push.  The
Exchange client I'm using is Outlook 97 v8.01

The control "ActiveWorkbook.Post()" brings up a dialog box from which you
can select the desired public folder, but I want to have the post
automatically go to a specific pre-defined folder.  No syntax for the
(expression) seems to work as a folder name.

I tried using ActiveWorkbook.SendMail Recipients:="Pub Fldr".  This works
fine to mail the Excel document to the folder, but won't allow me to tie in
user-defined document properties from the spreadsheet as columns within the
public folder.  This seems to be due to the attached file format of the
"SendMail" command embedding the Excel file in a message form, as apposed
to the posting being the document itself.

Any ideas?  Anything different coming in Exchange 5.5? or is this an issue
with VBA?

Kevin LaFollette


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