Exchange 2000 Hang Windows 2000

Exchange 2000 Hang Windows 2000

Post by Microsof » Sat, 02 Feb 2002 02:41:43

Hi to all,

I have some problem with my IBM iSeries cluster with Exchange 2000 cluster.
It means that I installed and configured all correctly, Windows 2000 A.S.
SP2 and Exchange 2000, it worked well when Information Store 2 was empty. I
moved a mailbox, about 350 Mbytes, without problems; but after some
operations on Windows 2000 A. S. (for example open Internet Explorer o My
computer), the operative system blocked all functions.
So I shutted down the node 1 and all services are switched on node2, but
when it seem to work, Windows 2000 is blocked.

Is there someone that knows somethings?

Thank you.



1. Exchange 2000 on Windows 2000 DC - Install Hangs

I have read several posts in here similiar to my problem and have
implemented some of the suggestions - but none seem to help me.

Here is a list of my lead up and installation procedures:

I wish to add my Exchange 2K server installed in Windows 2K AD to Exchange
5.5 Site installed in NT 4.0 domain and move mailboxes etc etc as necessary.

I only have one server available to build all this on.

1) Install Windows2000 Advanced Server w/ full IIS Components and DNS
2) Run DCPROMO - this server is first server, first site, first forest.
3) Change Server to Native Mode.
4) Setup two way trust between Windows 2K AD and NT 4.0 Domain
5) Add Windows 2K Domain Admins to NT 4.0 Local Admins Group
6) Give Windows 2K Domain Admins, permissions on Org, Site, Server and
Config within Exchange 5.5
7) Install ADC that comes with Windows2000 - and configure a connection to
my Exchange Server
8) Run ForestPrep - say i want to join existing site
9) Install ADC that comes with Exchange2000 - and configure as Microsoft
docos request you to
10) Run DomainPrep
11) Install Exchange with Typical Option

Install dies/hangs half way through the installation of Messaging etc etc
point that it says it is upto is Installing "some" database and initializing
(sorry i can't be more descriptive) - seems to be trying to copy DS from the
Exchange 5.5 server or something to that effect. However if it is copying DS
it shouldn't take very long cause our DS is only 5Mb in size - and i have
let the install sit at this point for upto 6hrs.

Look in event log and find ExchangeSRS error 1309 - Port is already in use -
further research shows that it has something to do with LDAP and LDAP SSL
ports being used by Windows 2000 AD and Exchange - ????

So I am stuck - hoping for all you experts to help me out.

Please don't come back to me and say that you can't join a site if you are
installing Exch2k on a Win2k DC


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