Right Backup Strategy

Right Backup Strategy

Post by Heman » Thu, 21 Jun 2001 21:09:26

Is this backup strategy right

I have Ad.Srv.(DC) and exchange on other DC i.e.  
replication partner.

1.Take backup of Sys State of Rep. part.
2.backup of Exchange Information store
3.but not of mdbdata (as i don't want to be offline)

Now in the case of complete disaster can I restore  all
mailboxes with this backup
(inluding mdbdata) as i can access this after crash.

After crash I will

Format Rep. Part.
Install Adv. Srv. and restore sysstate
Install exchange 2k with /disasterrecovery ??
Retore backup of Exchange Information store.

any thing else missing??

please guide



1. Right Strategy

I want to use Exchange 2000 in my company and i need to know if that
Strategy is right:
I have a NT4 Domain with an Exchange 5.5 Server and i also have a Win2k
forest with two domains.
All Users of the NT4 Domain are migrated with the ADMT to the Win2k forest.
Now i want to set up an Exchange 2000 Server on a Member Server in the root
domain of the Win2k forest.
these are my steeps:
1 i want to run forest prep (i build a new organisation so that i have two
different organisations)
2 "    "   "    "    domain prep
3 i set up Exchange 2000 Server
4 i install the ADC
5 make a CA
6 now i want to move the mailboxes to the new server

I only need the ADC for moving the mailboxes is'nt it?

Is this the right way or is an other way better???

thanks for help!!!

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