Moving clients to new Exchanger server in new site

Moving clients to new Exchanger server in new site

Post by Andy Web » Tue, 13 Jun 2000 04:00:00

First, Windows 2000 requires Exchange 5.5 SP3 to be supported.

Second, use ExMerge.

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> We are currently branching off and need to move a good portion of our
> clients, both exchange mailboxes and custom recipients, to a new server in
> new site.  The new server is a Windows 2000 machine with Exchange 5.5 sp2.
> What is the easiest / safest way of doing this?  I can't access the web
> often, so I ask that you email me if you can.  Thanks

> Scott Meadows
> Systems Engineer

> Thanks.


1. After Server move to new Site - Server shows in old and new site

Organization consists of First Exchange server in main site EX5.5 STD
SP2 running IMC

4 Other sites each with one server over 64k leased lines.

2 servers are showing up both in the original site and in thier
correct site

Looks like the directory synchronisation is in a mess - can anyone
help with solutions for this

Would the Knowledge consistency checker be the correct tool to use ?

Any Thoughts , Suggestions welcomed

Thanks for any Assistance  Brian

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