Performance issues when adding new users to the Active Directory

Performance issues when adding new users to the Active Directory

Post by Rich » Thu, 21 Jun 2001 00:21:24


Performance issues when adding new users to the Active Directory.

When programmatically adding users to the Active Directory using ADSI it take too
long. It takes from 13 to 15 seconds to do so.  How can I accelerate this process.




1. new mailbox not being created with new active directory user

Man, I'm really starting to dislike this!!!

Does anyone have any ideas why a mailbox would not be created when a new
Active Directory user is created?  We use the new user wizard and make sure
the option is checked to create a new mailbox.  In the Active Directory
Users container we can view the properties of that new user and it shows the
correct email addres, etc.  But then if we go to the Exchange System Manager
the new mailbox is not there.  The user is never able to configure Outlook
2002 correctly because it states that the mailbox name cannot be found on
the server.

What gives?  I know this worked at one time (not that long ago!).  We were
able to create all the users and mailboxes when we first set this server up.

Is it just me or is Exchange 2000 MUCH more a pain in the a$$ than Exchange
5.5 was? sheesh!

Also, does anyone know if it is possible and if so, how, to change the
default message for undeliverable messages?  We are trying to customize our
message to remind our users of the correct process for sending outside

Thanks for any help or advice on this!


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