Alternatives to EFD

Alternatives to EFD

Post by Michael Burkhar » Wed, 09 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Looking for alternatives to the EFD.  A previous thread mentioned mPower by
Saxsoft.  Would anyone else have a recommendation?  I haven't used EFD in
awhile but remember it being difficult to work with in beta.


1. Convert EFD forms to OL2000?

I'm hoping that someone knows of a way to convert forms designed with the
old EFD tool into Outlook 2000 format forms. These don't have any special
code added by hand after the initial design, they are just native EFD
designed forms which I have the .EFD files for but nothing else. I also have
them saved in a PST file.

However, to use them you need to have the "EFD Runtime" component of office
2000 installed and I'm hoping that there is some way to do a one-time
conversion of them to native Office2k format either in-place or by some
export/import or conversion of the saved .EFD files. Using "Save As" from
the Outlook 2000 forms manager creates .FDM files, and one of the options
for the "Install" button in the forms manager will let me impoirt those .FDM
files back in, but it seems like it is keeping the internal format the same
(IE you can't use the built-in form editor to look at them).

Is there ANY way to convert these? I would have tried loading them in EFD
itself to see if that offers any way to export (as RTF or whatever) but I
can't even get EFD to run as all I have are win2k machines and EFD complains
the exchange client is missing... Please help.. :-(


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