Address book question

Address book question

Post by Marcus Cha » Fri, 01 Jun 2001 08:53:55

Hi all,

I am new to Exchange and have some questions.
1) Personal Address Book can be on server (Exchange) side rather than client
(outlook) side, right?
2) How is it related to the directory that can be accessed through LDAP?



1. IMAP4 and LDAP Offline Address Book question

I have configured some laptops to use IMAP4 and LDAP to retrieve mail from
Exchange.  The problem I have is that they do not have an OAB of the GAL.
The GAL is 20 Meg.  DOes anyone know of a process for IMAP4/LDAP users to
have an OAB of the GAL?


Mike Niccum

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