CDO Logon and privileges needed.

CDO Logon and privileges needed.

Post by pat_mor.. » Wed, 14 Jul 1999 04:00:00

HI All,
I am writing a VB App that logs on to all mailboxes on an Exchange
server and retrieves info such as mailbox size, etc. I have found that
if I log on with with the exservice account which is used to start the
exchange services, I can get all the info. I would like to create a
different account which has the same privileges. I have tried to
duplicate the privileges as best as I can but it still will not give me
all of the info. When I try it with my account, I get 0 bytes for
mailbox size.
 What exactly are the privilges necessary inorder to logon to a mailbox
with CDO and extract info like mailbox size, number messages
read/unread etc?



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