Want to Move a WIN2K Server Also Running Exchange 2000 to different PC

Want to Move a WIN2K Server Also Running Exchange 2000 to different PC

Post by Jo » Sun, 31 Mar 2002 06:55:22

Looked on MS web site, and didn't find anything.  I have one Win2K
server at home that is set up as a WWW, FTP, and Exchange 2000. I got
a new pc to use as my server, and Simply, all I want to do is move the
configuration to a new BOX. I want to keep all configuration and data
the same.  Meaning, my user names, server name, exchange 2000 mail
box's.. etc.   Is there so sort of migration tools? Again, simply just
want to replace my existing box, with an updated pc, and have all the
same configuration and data on it.

1. Move exchange 2000 server to a new PC

Current we want to move a running exchange 2000 to a new
PC, after a seach, we found one way is to setup the new
exchange 2000 server and run parallel with the old one and
replicate the public folder and then move the mailbox
using "active directory user and comupter" and select
exchange task.

Our problem is
1.  After install the new server (with different name) and
exchange 2000, We cannot found the new server on "System
Manager"=>"Administrative Groups"=>"Group"=>"Servers", but
We can found it on the active directory user and computer.

2.  On the services MMC of the new server, We can only
found the "Microsoft Exchange Management" service running,
no any other services relate to exchange is running, is it

3. To install the second exchange 2000 server on one
active directory, do I need to have exchange 2000
enterprise edition?

4. How to add the new server to the "System
Manager"=>"Administrative Groups"=>"Group"=>"Servers"

thanks for the kindly help,

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