OWA contact Search

OWA contact Search

Post by TRD » Sat, 14 Jul 2001 23:22:45

I am not sure why but when we access OWA and want to find someone in our
contact list, we can only find people that are listed in the GAL. Is there a
reason why we can't use the find button to pull up other contacts in our
mailboxes?  The Contacts are still listed but who wants to search thru 60
pages of contacts to find someone. Is it by design that you can only find
people who are in the GAL? I hope I am just missing something. Please let me




1. OWA Contacts searching

When using the address book to find contacts our
conapnies OWA will only find contacts or addresses from
the global list/active diretory. Users can view personal
contacts via contacts button. Can anyone help or seen
this problem.

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