VB LDAP access to Exch 5.5 Mailbox attributes or import/export

VB LDAP access to Exch 5.5 Mailbox attributes or import/export

Post by Eric Ju » Fri, 02 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Try posting your question to
microsoft.public.win32.programmer.messaging.  The boys over there should
be able to help you, sounds like an application for CDO.


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1. HELP: Exporting custom receipients from Exch 5.5 - Importing to Exch 2000


I need to export some custom recipients from 5.5 (Which I have already
done), and import to an Exchange 2000 server.

I have found 1/2 dozen articles that claim to explain how to do this, but
either I'm really dense or none of these articles are complete.

How do I get my .csv file in the proper format to use the csvde util?

The problem I see is that the file is comma delimited, but the column for DN
has data that contains commas. So the csvde import is getting confused.

I have see a few articles that recklessly attempt to explain how to
concatenate these columns, but they've written the article as if the reader
already knows how to do it.

I'm frustrated. If anyone can explain this process in moron terms for me, I
would greatly appreciate it.

Please don't just forward a Microsoft article. I've been through them and
I'm not getting it.



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