Migrate exchange 5.5 to 2k accounts on 2k server cannot receive

Migrate exchange 5.5 to 2k accounts on 2k server cannot receive

Post by Bill Alsbur » Thu, 23 Jan 2003 01:44:00

Accounts on the 2K box can send but cannot receive either
internal or external mail.  If I move the mail box to the
5.5 server all works, move it back to the 2k and it does
not although mail delivered whilst on the 5.5 server is
present and visible.Accounts on E2K box cannot send to
themselves although mailbox is there and email address is
valid. External incoming reports no address user may have
left org etc for users on E2K box

5.5 on win2k original DC also running ISA 2k on win2k DC
also global cat servr.  
ADC working and all accounts visible

This happens to existing accounts as well as new ones.

There are a couple of us in the interoperability group
with this but in view of the message returned by
postmaster to external senders I think it may be an AD
issue.  Is there anybody here that can help us please,
its driving me loopy.


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I have recently added a new server on our network that is to take the place
of our current Exchange server. As is, both machines are up and running
Exchange simultaneously however only one of them contains the mailbox store
for my network. I want to migrate user mailboxes to the new server but when
I attempt to create a new mailbox store on the new server, that option is
not available to me. Can anyone direct me to a document explaining how to
migrate between exchange servers?

Thanks in advance for any help.


William T. Smith II
Data Center Administrator
NetComm Internet Technologies, Inc.

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