Will Exchange 2003 use SQL Server for storing data?

Will Exchange 2003 use SQL Server for storing data?

Post by mike bake » Fri, 11 Jul 2003 23:33:19

just an FYI.

Oracle implemented & upgrade their email system into Warick County Council
in the UK .  the council lost email for two weeks.

this was about 2 years ago.

the only thing microsoft have an advantage on is  two facts - MS SQL is
simpler than.  Microsoft know how to do correct patch releases. (something
oracle don't know squat about)

> Hi Rob,

> Thanks for the response. Will it at least be easier to access Exchange
> Mailboxes programmatically?

> I wish Microsoft used SQL Server as the data storage/management platform
> Exchange. In my opinion, it would make a lot of things so much easier.
> Thanks.

> Sam

> > Hi Sam,

> > The short answer to that is no, Exchange 2003 uses the same underlying
> > storage mechanisms as Exchange 2000.

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> > Rob Wilcox
> > Microsoft Exchange Specialist Support Engineer
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