FAX Suggestions Please

FAX Suggestions Please

Post by Dennis Brazil [MV » Mon, 19 May 1997 04:00:00

Try Faxination by Fenestrae (sp?)

Good Luck.

>I am looking to set up a FAX server for my company.  I am running NT4
>with Exchange4, and Outllook running on Win95 at all the clients.

>What I would like is to have a solution where a server is set up to
>handle multiple fax lines.  I would like it to work like this:

>INCOMING FAXES: Depending on which phone line the call came in on, the
>fax image would be sent to a particular Exchange mailbox.  Such as,
>modem#1 = 215-555-1212, if a fax comes in on this line, send it to
>mailbox TRAVIS.  And so on, for other incoming fax numbers.

>OUTGOING FAXES:  A user will SEND a document using the global address
>book, to a mailbox which is related to the FAX software.  By sending
>it to this mailbox, it will be faxed.

>Are there products out there like this?  Please share with me your
>opinions of any such products out there.


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