DNS help

DNS help

Post by Shiva Shanka » Sun, 16 Feb 2003 18:09:07

DNS server help please .

I have dns server one in dmz  & one in my internal net work

1)      DNS in DMZ ( nat with  public IP

2)      Installed DNS server windows NT server ip address

3)      Configured DNS server on

4)      Created A record pointed to public IP ( web server)

5)      Created mail & MX record  pointed to public IP (
mail server)

2) my web server nat with public IP

installed web server & configured for

Instlled Windows 2000 server & configured AD & DNS server ip

Created A record & MX record pointed to nated IP

Example :-

A record pointing to

A recording pointing to

I enable forwarder in W2k dns server in forwarder ip I given my DMZ ip & other secondary server ip hosting in ISP

When I done nslookup on my internel DNS server it will point to my public ip

Still am unable to browse my web server .. But am able to browse using my ip

What's the cause please help me it's very urget issue

Thanks & regards



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I have some troublesome win2k DNS configuration by someone and would
like to seek decent advise so that exchs2k can be installed & set up

Primary DC:
dns: (this Primary DC's internal IP) (2nd DC's internal IP)
      999.999.999.999 (ISP DNS)

2nd DC (going to be ExchS2k)
dns:  on NIC1:  999.999.999.999 (ISP DNS)

      on NIC2: (Primary DC's internal IP)
       (2nd DC's internal IP)

note:  purpose to have two NICs is to have smtp virtual servers.

Can someone see if it is working?

Very appreciated.


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