Phantom Messages in send Queue

Phantom Messages in send Queue

Post by Jim Dah » Sat, 07 Jun 2003 01:30:34

I am seeing a constant send queue size of 17 messages in
my IS store send queue even when I can't see any any
pending messages in any queue - these totlas acn be
displayed in the performanance monitor.  I am running with
multiple information stores and these messages are in the
default store created when exchange was configured.  How
can I clear out this counter or find the messages in the

1. Phantom messages in In-Bound Queue, 5.0

We have lost the ability to send outbound Internet e-mail. Local mail,
and incoming Internet e-mail are fine. Looking for the cause of the
problem I found 13 phantom messages showing up in my IMS inbound
delivery queue. If I select "details" on these messages Exchange tells
me they have been delivered or deleted". If I select "refresh", nothing

I ran Mtacheck.exe and a couple of errors were found and corrected. This
had no effect on the phantom messages. I re-started services, re-booted,
and finally, out of desperation, deleted and reinstalled IMS....

Guess what, the damn messages are still there.

When any client attempts to send Internet e-mail, the messages simply
sit in the "Outbox". Attempting to force immediate delivery does not
work. I don't see any evidence that the messages are reaching the

Help anyone? This Exchange server is about to put me over the edge.

Pertinent info:
NT4.0 SP3
Exchange 5.0 (Recently upgraded from 4.0) No Service Packs
LAN on demand ISDN Connection
Ascend Router

Don Roxby

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