Moving Exchange 2000 to a new server in same forest

Moving Exchange 2000 to a new server in same forest

Post by VastOn » Tue, 05 Dec 2000 16:16:11

I inherited a situation that may be unique, may not be:

Exchange 2000 setup and running very well on the FQDN/Active Directory
server.  Minimal users (less than 100) and not much concern on backing up or
restoring individual mailboxes.

Since Exchange 2000 and Active directory on the same server is a resource
hog, I simply want to move Exchange 2000 to another server already built and
ready to go.

I am thinking of uninstalling Exchange 2000 and doing the reinstall and
bringing each pst back online but I am concerned with residual traces of the
old server among other things.  So, in the same same domain, same FDQN, same
org, same forest same everything but just a different server, I would think
there would be something easier to do...or am I dreaming?

Lot's of info on this for Exchange 5.5, not much on Exchange 2000.

All responses appreciated.

Thank you,



1. How to move MS Exchange 2000 to new site in Forest

I need some help, I have MS Exchange 2000 server running
on a system that acts as the File/Print server.  
Everything ran just fine until I started
sending/receiving Internet Mail on the server,
performance problems has caused me to wish to install a
new server running just MS Exchange 2000 server into the
forest.  My tape backup is located on the File/Print

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how

Thanks in advance,

Joseph Wilson

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