OWA - Minor Problem - Strange problem

OWA - Minor Problem - Strange problem

Post by IW » Fri, 19 Oct 2001 08:26:23

    I am having a strange little problem with my OWA. Firstly I have Adv.
Server SP-2 and Exchange SP-1 installed. I can access everything in their
fine, when all of my user setting are left at their default levels. The very
strange thing happens when I change my users email address in the 'Active
directory users and computers'. I right click on a user, select properties,
and simple change the email address on (in the general tab), to something
different. The problem is, when my users email out through server it tags

internet email address, so I simple change it to (example):

reason, whenever I try and log into OWA from there on out (only for users
whom have their email changed), I get rejected and can not log in. Very
strange. If I change the email address back, everything works fine again.

I am obviously missing something, or doing something wrong,

Any help would be great, thank you,



1. OWA - Minor problem - Strange problem


Why are you changing the addresses on the users individually?  Why not use a
Recipient Policy to update all the users at once?  Also, see Q257891 XWEB:
"The Page Could Not Be Found" Error Message with OWA for why you can't log

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