Error 2140 in Event Service

Error 2140 in Event Service

Post by NIvaldo Forest » Wed, 28 Mar 2001 20:26:30

We have Windows NT 4.0 SP 6 with hotfix and Exchange 5.5 SP 4 and until now
OWA was working for everyone (more than 200 users between Brazil and
We had some power problems and we couldnt start the Event Service
anymore.We reinstalled the last Exchange Service Pack (4) and after this the
users starting to receive the message "failed to connect to server" in OWA.
If you try to start the Event Service you get the 2140 error. We tried to do
what the Q190993 sugests but without good results. The problem continues.
Sometimes you can  update the service but just admin can access his mailbox
from OWA. The others keeping receving the OWA "unable to get in your inbox"
message. Anyone has a clue about what is happening or what else to do? Will
need to install all the Exchange againg to solve the problem?
Thank you very much

1. Error 2140 Exchange Event Service


I have a problem that I can't get the Microsoft Exchange Event Service
started. Starting the service provides:

Error 2140 an internal windows nt error occured.

consequently I have hundreds of users who can't send external emails




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