Exchange 5.5 Contact list linked wih SQL Server

Exchange 5.5 Contact list linked wih SQL Server

Post by Todd Shir » Wed, 10 Jan 2001 01:36:29

I am looking to consolidate the amount of duplicated information that is
being type into the computer.  One such place is the Contact List in
Exchange 5.5.  I want to be able to enter contact information into one place
and have it be place where Exchange clients and SQL Server 7 applications
can access the data.  My two thoughts are:

    1.) Create a form entry application that populates both SQL Server and
Exchange and run a script/program to maintain syncronization.

    2.) Use SQL Server as the under-laying database for Exchange.  (most

I'm not knowledgable enough with Exchange to know how to accomplish either
of these goals.  If you could point me to information that can help, I'll be

Todd Shirk
ACS, Inc.


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What I would like to do is create a public folder with all of
my customers in it. These customers are stored in our SQL database. I know
that I can export the information to a file and import it into Outlook or a
public folder , but
I would like it to be linked if possible. If that's not possible, at least
I would like it to automatically import the information, say every night
maybe. Any ideas. I would appreciate any help on this one. Thanks,


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